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Alfred University (607) 871-2662 NY Academic Institution
ARL Penn State (724) 295-7014 PA Academic Institution
Research organization involved in process development and applications of laser processing technology for government and private industry.
Boston University (617) 353-5619 MA Academic Institution
Brookhaven National Laboratories (516) 282-2824 NY Academic Institution
Brookhaven National Laboratory - NSLS II 6313448127 New York Academic Institution
Caltech 626-395-8377 CA Academic Institution
CINDAS/Purdue University (317) 494-9393 IN Academic Institution
Clemson Univ. (864) 656-0549 SC Academic Institution
Georgia Inst. Of Technology 4048943992 GA Academic Institution
Jet Propulsion Lab (818) 354-6785 CA Academic Institution
Lake Washington Institute of Technology 4257398427 WA Academic Institution
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 925-424-5747 CA Academic Institution
Research based optical fabrication
LightMachinery Inc. (613) 749-4895 Ontario Aspheres, Coatings, Designers, Equipment, Plano, Prisms, Academic Institution
Manufacturer of custom precision optical components, TEA CO2 lasers and excimer lasers. Specializes in fluid jet polishing equipment, and laser systems. Specializes in the production of difficult, tight tolerance optical components, laser components and systems.
LLNL 510-326-8108 CA Designers, Micro Optics, Plano, Prisms, Spheres, Academic Institution
Government research laboratory
Los Alamos NL (505) 665-2222 NM Academic Institution
Monroe Community College (585) 292-2002 NY Academic Institution
NASA LRC (804) 864-1636 VA Academic Institution
NASA MSFC (205) 544-3467 AL Academic Institution
NIST-Prec. Engr. Div. (301) 975-3482 MD Academic Institution
An organization which develops and promotes primary standards for optical, fiber optic and laser applications.
NJ Institute of Technology (201) 596-3338 NJ Academic Institution
North Carolina State University (919) 515-3096 NC Academic Institution
NRC-CNRC (613) 993-2850 Ontario Academic Institution
Oak Ridge Natl. Lab (423) 574-9411 TN Academic Institution
The Department of Energy's largest multipurpose laboratory, the ORNL was established in 1943 as a part of the secret Manhattan Project to pioneer a method for producing and separating plutonium. The laboratory provides support in math and science education, economic development, and other projects in the region. The Spallation Neutron Source, combined with the upgraded High Flux Isotope Reactor, makes ORNL the world's foremost center for neutron science research.
Ohio State 614-292-2836 OH Academic Institution
Optics Valley c/o Arizona Technology Council 520-382-3281 Arizona Academic Institution
Optics cluster group based in Tucson AZ.
RIT/NTID 585-542-2249 NY Academic Institution
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (812) 877-8306 IN Academic Institution
Thorlabs Inc 973-300-3425 New Jersey Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Equipment, Micro Optics, Plano, Prisms, Spheres, Academic Institution
Designer and manufacturer of photonics equipment for research, manufacturing, and biomedical applications. Offerings include optomechanical, motion control, vibration isolation, optical, fiber, light analysis, laser, SLD, optical amplifier, and imaging components and systems.
U.S. Army, ARDEC (973) 724-3102 NJ Academic Institution
Univ. of Central Florida/CREOL (407) 823-6858 FL Academic Institution
A graduate college for optical science and engineering education, and research. CREOL, FPCE, and the Townes Laser Institute are research centers within the college. Mission is to provide the highest quality education in optical science and engineering, and conduct scholarly fundamental and applied research.
Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell (508) 934-3359 MA Academic Institution
Univ. of North Carlonia Charlotte (UNCC) (704) 687-8343 NC Academic Institution
Univ.of Arizona (520) 621-2341 AZ Academic Institution
Offers more than 120 classes leading to BS, MS and PhD degrees. A distance learning component offers programs leading to the MS and Professional Graduate Certificate. Faculty conducts research in all areas related to optics, including optical design and fabrication, engineering and test, fiber optics, lasers and advanced optical materials, medical optics, nanotechnology, optical data storage, optoelectronic devices, quantum nano-optics, quantum optics, remote sensing, semiconductors, telecommunications and thin films.
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