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Note from the board

Last week, nearly 75 people joined us in Tucson at the University of Arizona for the APOMA Tech Workshop. It's been the highest attended and most successful to date! Thank you to all who made the trek!

Special thanks to:
Justin Mahanna, workshop chairman
John Greivenkamp, University of Arizona host
...and our 21 different speakers from optical industry leaders around the world.

Attendees were able to tour the Mirror Lab, and learn techniques for:
- more effective optical cleaning
- faster experiment design
- scratch and damage management
- sapphire processing, and many more

If you couldn't attend, DOWNLOAD the presentations.

  Mirror Lab
  "The PR Hoffman team felt that between the presentations, SOML tour and the networking, the time was extremely well spent."
~ Kerry Woods, PR Hoffman, Sales Manager

APOMA Annual MeetingAPOMA Annual Meeting
Wednesday, February 11 | 8:30am
The Intercontinental Hotel, San Francisco

Join us at the Intercontinental, just around the corner from the Moscone Center at 888 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Member Benefits: Don't MisS OUT!

Even if you missed the Tucson Technical Workshop, you can take advantage of these member-only benefits:

Exclusive access to all the technical presentations and equipment previews

Expand your capabilities with the latest equipment: Zygo vibration-cancelling interferometer, OptiPro OptiSonic ultrasonic grinding, and Universal impregnated media tools

Improve your polishing ROI with free experiment design and process recommendations. Looking to optimize your equipment? The right setup can make all the difference to your quality, runtime and costs. Send Nanophase your parameters and you can quickly and accurately test an optimized setup yourself. Contact Nanophase for details.

Save on Optifab
: Your APOMA membership pays for itself when you exhibit at Optifab.

SPIE Startup Challenge Deadline Is Fast Approaching

Startup Challenge at Photonics West
The SPIE Startup Challenge for photonics technology is held annually at the Photonics West. This competitive event invites new entrepreneurs to pitch their light-based technology business plan to a team of business development experts and venture capitalists. The best pitch presenters receive cash prizes and are provided support to attend additional entrepreneurship training to continue refining ideas and make further contacts with experts.

Applications Due December 1, 2014.

Esco's Recovery & Reconstruction Milestone Member News

Esco's Recovery & Reconstruction Milestone
Esco Optics is excited to announce we have recently signed a letter of commitment for the purchase of a modern 15K square foot facility in Oak Ridge, NJ. The new build has expansion potential of up to 34K square feet, which we will begin as soon as we are cleared to start.

NIST Future view

Participate in the NIST-funded development of the Photonics Technology roadmap. Looking for specific and actionable intel on the capabilities required to succeed in the future? Gather your top 20 customers, grouped by industry segments, and we'll find out. Contact Megan Shay to learn more.


Member Spotlight
Davidson Optronics, Inc. provides high precision optics and fine optical instruments, including several models of autocollimators and interferometers. Observatories throughout the world use Davidson Optronics optics for astronomical observations and tracking, and every major space vehicle system has had a Davidson Optronics instrument involved somewhere in its production or testing phases. Learn more. Davidson Optronics, Inc.

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