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Automated Scratch-Dig Inspection – DIOPTIC White Paper

Automated Scratch-Dig Inspection has become a critical need in the precision optics industry. Read the linked white paper for more information, and please join us at the 2024 APOMA Tech Workshop in New Orleans as Dr. Katie Dunn from Dioptic will talk about the need in greater detail!

To read the full white paper, please click HERE.

New Orleans Tech Workshop 2024 – Call for papers now open!

The Call for Papers is now open for the 2024 APOMA Technical Workshop in New Orleans!

This is the opportunity to cover topics you are most interested in. Submit your ideas to enlighten and engage the audience!

  • Please let us know what topics you would like to see presented.
  • Respond on topics you would like to present to the group.
  • We encourage you to check with colleagues who will be attending or those who you would like to see make presentations.

Email your ideas or submit your topic by 5/24/24 to:  Travis Green —

Momentum Optics

Momentum Optics specializes in high-quality, affordable, rapidly delivered, custom small optics. Quickly bringing a new opto-electronic product to market is challenging with the high cost of prototyping optics, the slow turn-around in receiving custom optics, and the challenges of ramping up production to meet the demands of a mass market. Momentum Optics is ready to help you meet these needs!

MCC Offers Diamond Turning and MRF workshops again this summer

MCC will be offering Diamond Turning and MRF workshops again this summer.

Based on scheduling feedback from prior participants and employers, they have restructured the workshops to be completed in a one-week format.

Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. 

Diamond Turning:  June 3 – 7, 2024

MRF:  June 10 – 14, 2024

They have also decreased class size to five participants to allow more individualized instruction and increased time on the equipment.

Due to the restricted number of participants to be accepted, applications from qualified applicants will be prioritized based on date submitted.

They expect the workshops to fill very quickly—well before the final application deadline of March 29.

To apply for a seat, please use the QR code (unique to each workshop) on the information flyers to apply online at your earliest convenience:

MCC Diamond Turning Flyer June 2024

MCC MRF Workshop Flyer June 2024

Please contact Bob Lasch with any questions:

Robert Lasch, MCC Optics Apprenticeship Coordinator

Office Phone (585) 292-2678

Optical Systems Technology

OMT Apprenticeship Brochure

Ultrasonic Cleaning of Precision Optics

Ultrasonic cleaning is crucial for precision optics, utilizing high-frequency sound waves to generate cavitation bubbles for efficient contaminant removal. The process ensures non-destructive, uniform cleaning across various optical components of various materials. Learn more about factors like material compatibility, contaminant specificity, and environmental impact from NGL who specializes in formulating and manufacturing cleaning and surface preparation consumables. To review the full article, click: NGL Article Ultrasonic Cleaning of Precision Optics Feb 2024.