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  • 3M

    Abrasives Supplier

    251-2A-03 3M Center, St. Paul, Minnesota 55144, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • AccuCoat, Inc

    Supplier of thin-film coatings on polymer, metal and glass components. Produces a wide variety of antireflective, beamsplitter, hot and cold mirror, filter and metallic coatings as well as custom coatings. Experienced in handling prototype through OEM volumes. Coatings available from the UV to the IR.

    111 Humbolt St., Rochester, New York 14609, US

    Services: Coatings

  • Advanced Thin Films

    -High laser damage threshold (LDT) coatings for pulsed -Low Loss and Absorption coatings for CW applications -Spectrally complex coatings -Gain media polishing and coating, solid-state assemblies, non-linear crystals -Polarization control and isolation with bonded assemblies -Spectral filtering and channel separation applications

    5733 Central Ave, Boulder, Colorado 80301, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Alfred University

    2 Pine St., Alfred, New York 14802-1297, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Alpine Research Optics

    Our core strength is our ability to produce durable, long life, high damage threshold coatings on tight tolerance substrates, particularly in the UV. We support a wide variety of laser applications for leading edge equipment manufacturers in the semiconductor, medical, defense, and  industrial markets. We are also very proud to have many of the world renowned universities and national laboratories as permanent customers. Our in-house capabilities have expanded from the UV to the NIR spectrum and fabrication of spherical and flat items with complex shapes. Our employees work tenaciously to offer reliable precision optics engineering and remarkably consistent on-time deliveries.

    6810 Winchester Circle, Boulder, Colorado 80301, US

    Services: Coatings, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • AmeriCOM

    The American Center for Optics Manufacturing (AmeriCOM) focuses on workforce development and manufacturing innovation in the precision optics industry. To build a pipeline of trained Optics Technicians, AmeriCOM is establishing optics ecosystems across the US that include community colleges, optics manufacturing companies, and nonprofit organizations. AmeriCOM's Defense Precision Optics Consortium develops advanced optics technologies, testing equipment, and the specialized materials required to support scalable manufacturing production operations.

    1565 Jefferson Rd Suite 420, Rochester, New York 14623, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Andover Corporation

    Andover Corporation was established in 1976 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing high-quality optical filters and coatings. Over the years as the company has grown, the focus has remained on quality. Our current facility spans 44,000 square feet on 17 acres of land in Salem, NH. Our facility is custom-designed and state-of-the-art, and includes automated coating, glass polishing, and fabrication equipment. Our testing capabilities are extensive, including both automated spectrophotometers for broadband spectral measurements, and ultra-high-resolution spectrophotometers for narrowband measurements. Our optical metrology lab features a custom-designed, computer-controlled tunable interferometer to measure transmitted wavefronts beyond the capabilities of a traditional laser interferometer. We manufacture filters and coatings for a wide variety of applications, including medical instrumentation, fluorescence studies, machine vision, agricultural imaging, ground-based and space-borne astronomical observation, telecommunications, military and civilian surveillance systems, and defense targeting systems.

    4 Commercial Dr, Salem, New Hampshire 03079, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Plano Optics

  • Angstrom Precision Optics

    190 Bennington Dr., Rochester, New York 14616, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Äpre Instruments

    Apre designs and manufactures high performance interferometers, upgrades interferometers, designs and develops OEM interferometer software and supplies custom interferometer systems.

    2440 West Ruthrauff Road, Suite 100, Tucson, Arizona 85705, US

    Services: Aspheres, Equipment, Suppliers

  • Archer OpTx, Inc.

    With the sophisticated demands of today’s optical systems, precision necessarily drives decision. Archer OpTx offers the photonics industry what could be its most exceptional resource yet: a core of globally recognized photonics experts with an unwavering commitment to ultra-high precision optics, flawless integration, and rapid delivery. Using several production techniques, Archer OpTx has created cradle-to-grave assurance of high quality and efficiency with the ability to accommodate prototypes, medium volume production, or high volume production. By providing comprehensive solutions from engineering design services, optical components, lens assemblies, subassemblies, and more, Archer OpTx is a strategic resource for your competitiveness. We develop the right solution for each project, rather than trying to force every job to fit a single solution. Archer OpTx has the team, processes and tools to deliver to you the right optical solution, ensuring an optimal outcome.

    1208 Sigma Court, Rockwall, Texas 75087, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Argonne National Laboratory

    Crystal optics for x-ray science

    9700 S Cass Ave 401/B3154, Argonne, Illinois 60439-4801, US

    Services: Academic Institution, Plano Optics

  • ARL Penn State

    Research organization involved in process development and applications of laser processing technology for government and private industry.

    222 Northpointe Blvd., Freeport, Pennsylvania 16229, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Boston University

    Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, 110 Cummington Street, Boston, Massachusetts 2215, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Brookhaven National Laboratories

    Instrumentation Division, Bldg. 535B, Upton, New York 11973, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Caltech

    1200 E California Blvd MC 11-17, Pasadena, California 91125, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • CDGM Glass USA

    CDGM Glass is the world’s largest producer of optical glass. With inventories in the United States, most orders can be expedited and are ready-to-ship quickly. Customers can expect high quality products, as CDGM quality control occurs on two fronts: post-production at the manufacturing plant, and again state-side, where every lot is inspection-tested. Requests for custom, application-specific glass are always welcome.

    85 Jetson Lane, Central Islip, New York, 11722, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • CINDAS/Purdue University

    2595 Yeager St., West Lafayette, Indiana 47906, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Clemson Univ.

    161 Sirrine Hall Box 340971, Clemson, South Carolina 29634-0971, US

    Services: Aspheres

  • Coherent

    Coherent specializes in the optical fabrication, metrology, and optical coating of reflective and refractive optics; and engages in the design, analysis, fabrication, assembly, alignment, and test of optical components, assemblies, and sub-assemblies.

    4040 Lakeside Drive, Richmond, California 94806, US

    Services: Aspheres, Coatings, Designers, Equipment, Plano Optics, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Colorado Thin Films, Inc.

    4895 Joliet st, unit E, Denver, Colorado 80239, US

    Services: Coatings, Designers

  • Corning Tropel

    Develop, design and manufacture customized integrated optical modules, systems and components to support Micro-Fabrication in Semiconductor & LCD Lithography industries. Products range in complexity from single component to thousands of components in an integrated system: Laser Optics Precision Optics Metrology Instruments

    60O'Connor Road, Fairport, New York 14622, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Prisms, Spheres

  • DCM Tech, Inc.

    Rotary Surface Grinders w/Vertical Spindle for plano grinding.

    4455 Theurer Blvd, Winona, Minnesota 55987, US

    Services: Equipment

  • DIOPTIC Inc.

    DIOPTIC Inc. was established as a subsidiary of DIOPTIC GmbH in 2023, and offers its customers in the medical, photonics and automotive sectors comprehensive consulting services and system development in the field of optical inspection. Our ARGOS systems for automated surface defect inspection and our CGHs for interferometric shape inspection of optical surfaces are world leaders in their fields. We offer both a standard range of lenses for different spectral ranges and customer-specific lens design and manufacturing.

    260 East Main St Suite 6326, Rochester, New York 14604, US

    Services: Designers, Equipment

  • Ecoclean Group

    The SBS Ecoclean Group develops, produces, and markets forward-looking machinery, systems and services for applications involving industrial parts cleaning and degreasing, ultrasonic precision parts cleaning, high-pressure water jet deburring, surface preparation and surface treatment. Its globally leading solutions help companies around the world in conducting efficient and sustainable manufacturing to high quality standards. The client base comes from a broad range of market sectors like the industrial mass and precision manufacturing, the automotive industry with its suppliers, the aircraft & aerospace industry, medical technology and medical device, optics, and high-tech & high purity sector. The Group's success is based on innovation, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, closeness to the customer, diversity, and respect. The Group employs a workforce of around 900 at its 12 sites in nine countries worldwide.

    26801 Northwestern Hwy, Southfield, Michigan 48033-6251, US

    Services: Equipment

  • Edmund Optics Inc.

    Edmund Optics® (EO) has been a leading global manufacturer and supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology that has served a variety of markets including Life Sciences, Biomedical, Industrial Inspection, Semiconductor, R&D, and Defense since 1942. EO designs and manufactures a wide selection of optical components, multi-element lenses, imaging systems, and optomechanical equipment, while supporting original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications with volume production of stock and custom products. The company employs over 1,000 employees in more than nine countries across the globe and continues to expand.  

    101 E Gloucester Pike, Barrington, New Jersey 08007, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • En Pointe Precision Inc

    Small, agile 5-axis CNC shop that can address custom prototypes to production quantities of precision metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, fused silica, and fused quartz parts supporting optical fabrication and assemblies. Metal/plastic 5-axis parts can be addressed in weeks and glass/ceramic 3-axis parts need to be scheduled at least a month in advance.

    1201 Old County Rd Ste 6, Belmont, California 94002, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Equipment, Spheres, Suppliers

  • ER Precision Optical Corp.

    E.R. Precision Optical Corporation (ERPOC) is a small business with ISO 9001:2015 certification located in the HUBZone of Apopka, Florida. ERPOC specializes in the manufacture of optics used in both mid- and long-wave systems. Our CZ crystal pullers are utilized to grow Germanium (Ge) and Silicon (Si) to our customer’s unique specifications. We offer quick turnaround to our Unites States client base with blank and finished parts.

    1676 E Semoran Blvd Ste 200, Apopka, Florida 32703-5640, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Esco Optics

    ITAR registered and compliant optical component manufacturer that has been producing optics in the U.S. for over 60 years. With veteran opticians and engineers using state-of-the-art technology, Esco supplies superior optics that are used in UV, Visible, and IR applications throughout various industries including: defense, aerospace, biomedical, automotive, and photonics. Esco Optics, where passion meets precision.

    171 Oak Ridge Road, Oak Ridge, New Jersey 7438, US

    Services: Aspheres, Coatings, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Escolas Optics Consulting

    Process consultant for optical fabrication.

    10 East St, Honeoye Falls, New York 14472, US

    Services: Equipment

  • FLIR Systems Inc

    183 Northpointe Blvd, Freeport, Pennsylvania 16001, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Spheres

  • Fresnel Technologies Inc.

    Manufactures molded plastic Fresnel lenses and related optical components, and IR transmitting materials and optics made from them. Specializes in lens arrays for passive IR applications, diffusers and microlens arrays for illumination, and optics for environmental monitoring at 3.4 microns. Design assistance, tooling and production services, and diamond machining.

    101 W. Moringside Dr., Fort Worth, Texas 76110, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Spheres

  • Georgia Inst. Of Technology

    School of Physics, 837 State St., Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0430, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Glass Fab Inc.

    Manufacturer of custom blanks. Products include fused quartz and silica, optical and filter glasses, and low/ultralow expansion glasses. Capabilities include annealing, slumping, sawing, grinding, edging, drilling, water jet cutting, and CNC shaping and generating.

    PO Box 31880, rochester, New York 14603, US

    Services: Aspheres, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms

  • Global Superabrasives

    Global Superabrasives was founded in 2009, with the desire to bring forth today's technology in order to make U.S. manufacturers competitive in a global market. With 30 years vested in the Superabrasive industry, we bring together our collective knowledge of tool design, manufacturing techniques and user applications to provide solutions to your demanding applications. • Electroplated tooling • Metal bond core drills & generators • Resin bond wheels • Vitrified wheels and hones • Diamond slurries & paste • PCD, Natural and CVD turning tools

    1635 W University Dr Suite 125, Tempe, Arizona 85281, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • Heraeus Quartz North America LLC

    Heraeus is a fused silica manufacturer for optical applications.

    100 Heraeus Blvd, Buford, Georgia 30518, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • Inrad Optics Inc.

    Inrad Optics fabricates optical materials to exacting quality standards and incorporates those materials into advanced optical components, assemblies and systems. Our materials know-how is reflected in our broad portfolio of standard and build-to-print optical components—including large form factor, extreme precision components, bent crystal assemblies, and metal optics.

    181 Legrand Avenue, Northvale, New Jersey 07647, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • InterOptics, LLC

    Specializing in manufacturing high precision optical metrology systems to manufacturers or users of precision surface, e.g. hard disks, plano optics, polished valves, and silicon and glass wafers, such as the low coherence OptoFlat for measurement of flatness and transmitted wavefront of polished optical quality surfaces to sub-nanometer precision.

    4854 N Shamrock Place, Tucson, Arizona 85705, US

    Services: Equipment

  • Intlvac Thin Film

    Thin film deposition systems; coatings; ion beam etch systems

    1401 Duff Drive, Unit 600, Fort Collins, Colorado 80524, US

    Services: Coatings, Equipment

  • IRD Glass

    Custom and OEM precision glass, spinel, ceramic and optical components including spherical and cylindrical lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors, wedges and reticles. Optical assembly and subassembly capabilities and optical thin-film coating capabilities from UV to IR.

    810 E. St. Paul Street, Litchfield, Minnesota 55355, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Plano Optics, Spheres

  • JENOPTIK Optical Systems, LLC

    Delivers OEM solutions incorporating a broad range of optical technologies. Design expertise coupled with manufacturing capability in glass and polymer optics, infrared optics, refractive and diffractive wafer level micro-optics integrated with lasers and imaging sensors enables delivery of transformative solutions for customers.

    16490 Inovation Drive, Jupiter, Florida 33478-6428, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Designers, Spheres

  • LaCroix Precision Optics

    Since 1947, LaCroix Precision Optics has positioned itself as a premier domestic volume and prototype manufacturer of custom precision optics. Capabilities include Spherical, Aspherical, Plano, and custom coated optics. At our facility in Batesville, Arkansas, we use both traditional methods and advanced CNC processing to achieve the highest level of precision and quality demanded by our customers. ISO 9001:2015, ITAR certified and compliant.

    PO Box 2556, Batesville, Arkansas 72503-2556, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology

    11605 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, Washington 98034, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Larsen Equipment Design

    Manufacturer of polishing machines for small optics, peripheral equipment and tooling.

    1117 NW 52nd Street, Seattle, Washington 98107-5130, US

    Services: Equipment

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    Research based optical fabrication

    7000 East Ave., Livermore, California 94551-0808, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Lockheed Martin

    5600 Sand Lake Rd MP 185, Orlando, Florida 32819, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Los Alamos NL

    PO Box 1663, MS J576 ESA-13, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Louisiana State University

    202 Nicholson Hall, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803, US

    Services: Academic Institution, Assemblies, Designers, Micro Optics

  • Mark Optics

    Expertise in polishing very thin glass, quartz and fused silica substrates. Also manufactures custom quartzware and glassware for the semiconductor and optics industries. Products include lenses, filters, windows and wafers. CNC capabilities, and sawing and polishing of all shapes and sizes available.

    1424 E. St. Gertrude Place, Santa Ana, California 92705, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Prisms

  • Meller Optics, Inc.

    Manufacturer of coated and uncoated lenses, optical windows, prisms, mirrors and electronic substrates for lasers and analytical instruments. Materials include sapphire, quartz, BK 7 and other common laser glasses, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, fluorides and ruby. Supplier of alumina powder and pitch.

    120 Corliss St. , PO Box 6001, Providence, Rhode Island 02940-2602, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Prisms, Suppliers

  • Metrology Concepts LLC

    Supplier of measurement solutions for surface and wavefront metrology. Core technologies include phase-shifting interferometry, wavefront sensing (Shack-Hartmann type), MTF, optical and mechanical profilometry. Standard and custom instrumentation offered, as well as support of existing metrology, training and measurement services.

    3495 Winton Place Bldg. E -Suite 120, Rochester, New York 14623, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Momentum Optics

    Momentum Optics specializes in manufacturing challenging optics with unreal turnaround time.

    2113 Seaway Ct, Longmont, Colorado 80503, US

    Services: Aspheres, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Spheres

  • Monroe Community College

    Optical Systems Technology

    1000 E. Henrietta Rd., Rochester, New York 14620, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Moore Nanotechnology System, LLC

    Global supplier of ultra-precision diamond turning lathes/flycutters, deterministic micro-grinders/milling machines, and glass press molding machines. Applications include spherical, aspheric, diffractive, conformal and freeform optical components in metals, crystals and glass.

    230 Old Homestead Hwy., Swanzey, New Hampshire 3446, US

    Services: Equipment

  • Naked Optics Corp.

    1090 Delacroix Circle, NOKOMIS, Florida 34275, US

    Services: Aspheres, Coatings, Plano Optics, Spheres


    Langley Research Center, MS 468, Hampton, Virginia 23681-0001, US

    Services: Academic Institution


    Marshall Space Flight

    MS EB51, MSFC, Alabama 35812, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • NGL America Inc.

    NGL America Inc. manufactures polishing discs with diameters from 1" - 59", cleaning chemicals for ultrasonic and spray cleaning, solutions for chemical decoating, and furniture care/chemical household products. NGL also provides cerium oxide powders and slurries, coated and bonded abrasive products, and various types of other loose abrasive powders as well as clean room garments and accessories.

    1090 Tower Lane, Bensenville, Illinois 60106, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • NIST-Prec. Engr. Div.

    An organization which develops and promotes primary standards for optical, fiber optic and laser applications.

    A109 Metrology Bldg, Gaitherburg, Maryland 20899, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • NJ Institute of Technology

    University Heights, Newark, New Jersey 7102, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • North American Coating Labs

    We Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary! North American Coating Laboratories provides thin-film coatings for a variety of customers in the polymer and glass optical markets. Our experience in both dip and vacuum-applied processes make NACL one of the most respected organizations in the optical coatings industry since our founding in 1974. Our coating competencies include protective, scratch-resistant, reflective, anti-reflective, filter, conductive, ITO, chemically resistive, and infrared coatings. With more than 90 years of thin-film design experience on staff, we can help you with any application from the UV to the long-wave infrared. North American Coating Laboratories is certified to ISO 9001 with design standards, and ITAR Registered.

    9450 Pineneedle Dr, Mentor, Ohio 44060-1828, US

    Services: Coatings

  • North Carolina State University

    PO Box 7918, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7918, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Novotech, Inc.

    Novotech, Inc. specializes in manufacturing infrared optical components. Products offered include blanks, diamond turned optics, and coated optics. Novotech specializes in germanium, silicon, ZnS, CaF2, BaF2, and ZnSe.

    916 Main Street, Acton, Massachusetts 01720, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Plano Optics, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Nu-Tek Precision Optical Corporation

    Nu-Tek Precision Optical Corporation is a small team of designers, engineers, and opticians who specialize in the manufacture and alignment of custom optical components and sub-assemblies from 1 inch to 1 meter through conventional grinding and polishing, CNC small tool figuring, and single point diamond turning.

    1202 Technology Drive Suites J-P, Aberdeen, Maryland 21001, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Designers, Plano Optics, Spheres

  • Oak Ridge Natl. Lab

    The Department of Energy's largest multipurpose laboratory, the ORNL was established in 1943 as a part of the secret Manhattan Project to pioneer a method for producing and separating plutonium. The laboratory provides support in math and science education, economic development, and other projects in the region. The Spallation Neutron Source, combined with the upgraded High Flux Isotope Reactor, makes ORNL the world's foremost center for neutron science research.

    PO Box 2009, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-8039, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Ohara Corp.

    Manufactures precision optical glasses: strip/slab, cut/molded blanks, high homogeneity blanks, fine gobs, polished ball lenses, near-UV transmitting i-Line glass, ceramic substrates, CaF2, UV/IR materials, quartz, fused silica (standard/excimer grade). Ohara CCZ ultralow expansion (excellent CTE uniformity, blank form, to 1.8m diam.) Double-side polished substrates (low surface roughness, excellent flatness).

    50 Columbia Road, Branchburg Township, Somerville, New Jersey 08876-3519, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • Optics Masters, LLC

    Optics Masters is an optical fabrication company and supplier to many Gvnt Primes. Specializing in optics in the Visible to UV to IR spectrum. Materials we work on range from BK-7, Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, MgF2, CaF2, Silicon and many other materials. We can do substrates with sizes from .250" to 18" diameter with thicknesses from .010" to whatever is needed. Specs achievable are as low as 1/20wave TWF, 10-5 SQ Per Mil-PRF-13830, Wedge in the sub second range and provide ALL the test documentation needed to satisfy even the most stringent requirements including AS9100. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, ITAR Registered US Based Company. If you have any requirements for witnesses or any drawing spec based optics, please give us a call or email us to see what we can do for you.

    12625 Danielson Ct. Ste 105, Poway, California 92064, US

    Services: Plano Optics

  • Optics Valley c/o Arizona Technology Council

    2800 N Central Ave #1920, Phoenix, Arizona 85004, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Optimax Systems Inc.

    Dedicated to small volume, high quality and quick delivery of precision optical components. Specializing in aspheres, cylinders, plano-optics and spheres to customer specifications. Final inspection data is provided with the optics. Manufactures, tests and delivers speed and quality prototype optics.

    6367 Dean Parkway, Ontario, New York 14519-8939, US

    Services: Aspheres, Coatings, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Optipro Systems Inc.

    Develops and manufactures precision optical fabrication machines and metrology systems. Designs and builds computer controlled grinding, polishing, and measuring equipment for the precision optics industry.

    6368 Dean Parkway, Ontario, New York 14519, US

    Services: Equipment

  • OptoSigma Corporation

    Global manufacturer of Optics, Optical Coatings, Opto-Mechanics and Optical Systems.

    3210 S. Croddy Way, Santa Ana, California 92704, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Plano Optics, Spheres

  • OptoTech Optical Machinery Inc.

    Designs, develops and manufactures machinery and new process technology for precision optics and ophthalmics. CNC and conventional high-speed generators/polishers (1 to 2000 mm diam), 5-axis processing centers, centering/edging, plano/prism, rod, cylinder, aspheric machines, interferometers, autocollimators and software. In-house tool design and manufacture. Consumables, parts, repairs and maintenance contracts.

    PO Box 131, East Greenville, Pennsylvania 18041, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Paramount Glassworks, LLC

    Paramount Glassworks supplies precision machined blanks using Optical Glasses, Fused Silica, Filter materials and Industrial glasses among other materials across the Ultraviolet, Visible and IR spectrums.

    6 Highland Drive, Putnam, Connecticut 06260, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • PFG Precision Optics

    Manufacturer of precision optical components from UV through mid-IR wavelengths. Components include prisms, windows, filters, wedges, mirrors, beamsplitters, and all types of singlet, doublet and triplet lenses. Electron and ion-assisted deposition coating services available. Prototype production and OEM assemblies include design and manufacture of single- and multielement systems.

    733 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Photon Gear, Inc.

    Specializes in the design, assembly and characterization of high-precision optical systems using interferometric testing at numerous wavelengths. Applications include semiconductor inspection and processing, military, metrology, telecommunications, biomedical and polymer optics. Offers contract engineering services and development of custom software and optical hardware.

    245 David Parkway, Ontario, New York 14519, US

    Services: Assemblies, Designers, Equipment

  • Photonic Cleaning Technologies, LLC

    Manufacturer of First Contact Polymer, used to protect and clean surfaces to the molecular level

    1895 Short Lane, Platteville, Wisconsin 53818, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • PR Hoffman Machine Products

    Manufacturer of 4-, 3- and 2-way double-sided lapping and polishing equipment. Lapping carriers available for all models of planetary machines. Specializes in insert carriers, single-sided, specialty carriers for any application. Waxless mount single-side polishing templates.

    453 Lincoln St., Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Precision Glass and Optics

    With almost four decades of experience, PG&O has become a leading provider of complete turnkey optical solutions. Our team has successfully assisted top corporations such as L3, Apple, Rockwell, IMAX, and many others in finding cost-effective solutions to their optics problems. We specialize in providing precision and commercial components, thin film coatings, and complete fabrication services. Our extensive inventory of in-house glass materials and coated substrates allows us to offer unmatched speed with a 48-hour turnaround on a wide range of optical materials, including mirrors, windows, microsheets glass, and any one of our coated substrates in inventory. We also have expertise in working with infrared (IR) materials such as calcium fluoride (CaF2), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), silicon (Si), germanium (Ge), zinc sulfide (ZnS), and zinc selenide (ZnSe). Additionally, we offer a wide variety of glass fabrication and assembled optics ranging from square, rectangular, and circular parts to sophisticated prisms and complex shapes. We are capable of manufacturing optics as small as .040” and as large as 30” for industries such as military/defense, biophotonics, life sciences, avionics, solar, digital cinema, imaging, displays, homeland security, medical, and more.

    3600 W. Moore Ave, Santa Ana, California 92704, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Plano Optics

  • Precision Optics Corporation

    Micro-Optics, Optical Assemblies & Lenses, Capabilities include Optical Design & Engineering, Design for Manufacture, Coating, Assembly & Test, Online Precision Optics Coating Catalog, ITAR, ISO 13485

    22 E Broadway, Gardner, Massachusetts 01440, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Precitech

    Precitech designs and manufactures ultra precision machining solutions for freeform diamond turning, milling, and grinding which are used to produce optical lenses, mold inserts, mirrors, and precision mechanical components. Our diamond turning machines produce rotationally symmetric, asymmetric, freeform, and sculpted geometries with form tolerances in the sub-micron range and nanometer surface finishes.

    44 Blackbrook Road, Keene, New Hampshire 03431, US

    Services: Aspheres, Equipment, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Pureon

    Pureon manufactures and distributes products for slicing, grinding, lapping and polishing of critical surfaces, to a global marketplace. We provide our customers with insight, counsel and integrated solutions with a high level of personal interaction. We aim to be a long term partner for each of our customers, committed to their success and meeting their needs through continuous improvement of our products and processes and innovative technology solutions.

    7272 E. Indian School Road, Suite 350, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • QED Optics

    QED Optics provides optical manufacturing services including grinding, polishing, and metrology for a wide variety of mirrors, lenses and windows from 10mm to 1m in diameter. QED Optics specializes in on and off axis aspheres, phase correctors and other high precision components requiring optical engineering support.

    1040 University Ave., Rochester, New York 14607, US

    Services: Aspheres, Equipment, Spheres, Suppliers

  • R. Mathews Optical Works Inc.

    Manufacturer of custom precision aspheric and acylinder lenses. Volume aspheric lens production capabilities from 10- to 250-mm diameter from standard and high-index glasses. Specialty precision optical prototypes and unusual designs from all optical materials are available.

    26280 Twelve Trees Lane Suite A, Poulsbo, Washington 98370, US

    Services: Aspheres, Designers, Suppliers

  • Ray Williamson Consulting

    Offers outsource expertise and liaison services. Specializes in optical fabrication, testing and assembly, polarization optics, process troubleshooting, quality and process documentation, and technician training.

    4984 Wellbrook Drive, New Port Richey, Florida 34653-5611, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • Reynard Corporation

    Manufacturer of  custom optics and thin-film coatings 0.2 µm to 50 µm (UV-IR) to demanding specs for defense & aerospace, commercial & industrial and medical applications. Other in-house capabilities include diamond turning, optical fabrication, photolithographic patterning & environmental testing.  Prototype to production, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, ITAR Registered and Cybersecurity Compliant. We look forward to working with you in Perfecting Your Light™.

    1020 Calle Sombra, San Clemente, California 92673, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Rigaku Innovative Technologies Inc.

    Multilayer thin film coatings on various optical substrates. Multilayer period precision of 0.2nm. Substrate sizes from a few millimeters to about 1 meter for flat and curved substrates.

    1900 Taylor Road, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326, US

    Services: Coatings

  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

    Center for Applied Optics

    5550 Wabash Ave. Box 170, Terre Haute, Indiana 47803, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Ross Optical Industries, Inc.

    Designs and manufactures optical products including precision optical components from prototype to production quantities. Products include micro-optics, precision molded aspheres, optical assemblies and lenses. Capabilities include optical design and engineering, coating, assembly and test. Online precision optics catalog. ITAR.

    1410 Gail Borden Place, A3, El Paso, Texas 79935, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Salvo Technologies

    Manufacture and design of coatings, electronics, electro optics, optical assemblies, and personal protective equipment for the defense industry.

    10781 75th Street, Largo, Florida 33777, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Equipment, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Satisloh North America, Inc.

    Satisloh offers machinery and suitable process equipment for the complete production process of any kind of precision optics components. We offer machines for grinding, polishing, centering and thin-film coatings, as well as equipment and concepts for automating the manufacturing process. Our portfolio, completed by suitable software solutions, tools, consumables, and services, enables us to satisfy customer-specific needs in the optical industry.

    N116W18111 Morse Dr., Germantown, Wisconsin 53022, US

    Services: Aspheres, Coatings, Equipment, Micro Optics, Prisms, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Savvy Optics Corp.

    Scratch and Dig inspection equipment, education, training, and consulting.

    35 Gilbert Hill Rd., Chester, Connecticut 06412, US

    Services: Equipment

  • Schneider Optical Machines – US

    Founded in 1986 by Gunter Schneider, the family-owned SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading companies for the development and production of machines and solutions for ophthalmics, precision optics and ultra-precision optics.

    6644 All Stars Ave Suite 100, Frisco, Texas 75033, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Schott North America, Inc.

    SCHOTT Advanced Optics develops products and customized solutions for applications in optics, lithography, astronomy, optoelectronics, life sciences, and research. We also offer a portfolio of more than 120 optical glasses, special materials and components, from customized glass development to high-precision optical product finishing and metrology.

    400 York Ave., Duryea, Pennsylvania 18642, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Suppliers

  • Somos IWT, Inc.

    SOMOS IWT is a manufacturer of industry-leading equipment & technologies for critical surface preparation and material slicing to high technology industries. Our equipment technologies include: • Double-side lapping & polishing • Single-side lapping & polishing • Diamond wire slicing – Single-wire, multi-wire

    3525 Stone Ave., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907, US

    Services: Designers, Equipment, Plano Optics

  • Spartan Felt Co.

    Manufacturer of polishing bobs, wheels and pads for flat glass, crystal, precision optics, plastic and metal industries. Pads up to 60-in. diameter for stock removal applications.

    151 Felt Drive, Roebuck, South Carolina 29376, US

    Services: Equipment, Prisms, Suppliers

  • Spica Technologies Inc.

    Optical Test and measurement

    18 Clinton Dr, Hollis, New Hampshire 03049, US

    Services: Coatings

  • SPIE

    SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, was founded in 1955 to advance light-based technologies. Serving more than 264,000 constituents from approximately 166 countries, the not-for-profit society advances emerging technologies through interdisciplinary information exchange, continuing education, publications, patent precedent, and career and professional growth. SPIE annually organizes and sponsors approximately 25 major technical forums, exhibitions, and education programs in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. In 2017, SPIE provided $4 million in support of education and outreach programs. SPIE publishes the SPIE Digital Library, containing more than 463,000 research papers from the Proceedings of SPIE and the Society's 10 scholarly journals with around 18,000 new papers added each year, and more than 320 eBooks from the SPIE Press catalog. The SPIE Press publishes print monographs, tutorial texts, Field Guides, and reference books. SPIE also publishes a wide variety of open access content. Membership includes Fellows and Senior Member programs. The Society has named more than 1,200 SPIE members as Fellows since 1955, and implemented its Senior Member program in 2008. The SPIE awards program serves to recognize outstanding contributions from individuals throughout the scientific community. The SPIE international office is located in Bellingham, Washington and the SPIE Europe office is located in Cardiff, Wales.

    1000 20th St, Bellingham, Washington 98225, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Sterling Precision Optics

    Manufactures optical components including filters, lenses, mirrors and windows. Stocks optical glass, colored filter glass and fused silica. In-house tempering, coating and custom machining. Other products include prisms, beamsplitters, cylindrical lenses, wedges, rods, tubes, reflectors and optical assemblie

    1916 Greenleaf Street, Evanston, Illinois 60202, US

    Services: Coatings, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Sydor Optics, Inc.

    Sydor Optics manufactures precision flat-surfaced, parallel and wedged optics.  They specialize in double-sided polishing, precision pitch polishing, CNC machining and laser machining. Products include wafers, windows, debris shields, filters, mirrors, optical flats, wedge prisms, plate beam splitters, and coating witness samples. ITAR Registered, ISO 9001: 2015 Certified.  

    31 Jet View Drive, Rochester, New York 14624, US

    Services: Assemblies, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Taylor Hobson, Inc.

    Established in 1886, Taylor Hobson is the world leader in surface and form metrology and developed the first Roundness and Surface Finish measuring instruments. We provide contact and non-contact measurement solutions for the most demanding applications on a global basis, with a worldwide infrastructure to support our clients. We are pioneers, continually developing our products to meet the ever-increasing demands of next generation technologies, particularly in Optics, Bearings, Space, Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Renewable Energy technologies.

    27755 Diehl Rd Suite 300, Warrenville, Illinois 60555-4035, US

    Services: Equipment

  • Thorlabs Inc.

    Designer and manufacturer of photonics equipment for research, manufacturing, and biomedical applications. Offerings include optomechanical, motion control, vibration isolation, optical, fiber, light analysis, laser, SLD, optical amplifier, and imaging components and systems.

    56 Sparta Avenue, Newton, New Jersey 07860, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Equipment, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • ThorLabs Lens Systems (formerly JML Optical)

    Engineered Optical Solutions including, components and systems

    820 Linden Ave, Rochester, New York 14625, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • Tower Optical Corp.

    Manufacture of precision optics, specializing in Crystal Quartz Waveplates, Achromatic Waveplates, Prisms, Micro Prisms, Filters, Lenses, Mirrors, Windows, Transmission Flats and Interferometer Beam Expanders (4” to 6”). Stock and Build To Print optics and assemblies. Over 40 Years in Business. ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR Compliant. Cage Code 1N2U3 - Tower is a SDVOSB.

    3600 South Congress Ave., Unit J, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • U.S. Army, ARDEC

    Bldg 95N, Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey 07806-5000, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • United Lens Company

    A vertically integrated manufacturer of custom optical components specializing in thin-film coatings, precision machined and polished optical elements. ULC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered and features state-of-the-art metrology. Our commitment to quality provides you the one-stop solution for UV-Mid IR optical component requirements.

    250 Worcester St., Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550-1325, US

    Services: Coatings, Plano Optics, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Univ. of Arizona

    Offers more than 120 classes leading to BS, MS and PhD degrees. A distance learning component offers programs leading to the MS and Professional Graduate Certificate. Faculty conducts research in all areas related to optics, including optical design and fabrication, engineering and test, fiber optics, lasers and advanced optical materials, medical optics, nanotechnology, optical data storage, optoelectronic devices, quantum nano-optics, quantum optics, remote sensing, semiconductors, telecommunications and thin films.

    College of Optical Sciences, 1630 E. University Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85721, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Univ. of Central Florida/CREOL

    A graduate college for optical science and engineering education, and research. CREOL, FPCE, and the Townes Laser Institute are research centers within the college. Mission is to provide the highest quality education in optical science and engineering, and conduct scholarly fundamental and applied research.

    4000 Central Florida Pkwy. Bldg. 53, PO Box 162700, Orlando, Florida 32816-2700, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell

    Broadway St & Wilder St, Lowell, Massachusetts 1854, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Univ. of North Carlonia Charlotte (UNCC)

    9201 University City Blvd. ME, 233 Duke, Charlotte, North Carolina 28223, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Universal Photonics

    Lapping and polishing consumables/machinery for glass, plastic, crystals, infrared, semiconductor, electro, laser and fiber optics. Microcellular foam elastomer pads, polishing compounds, ultrapure alumina, colloidal silica, diamond powders/compounds, and water-based, nano-sized, alpha-alumina, diamond slurries; precision optical and synthetic pitch.

    85 Jetson Lane, Central Islip, New York, 11722, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • University of Rochester

    Institute of Optics within the Hajim School of Engineering

    275 Hutchinson Road PO Box 270186, Rochester, New York 14627, US

    Services: Academic Institution

  • Valiant International, Inc.

    Valiant is a supplier of fused quartz and fused silica materials for optical applications.

    101 E Mill Street, Suite E, Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Suppliers

  • Valtech Corporation

    Manufacturer of high-purity detergents for precision cleaning systems. Available in acidic, neutral and alkaline formulations. Filtered detergents are supplied in liquid concentrate. Custom formulations of detergents for specific applications.

    2113 Sanatoga Station Road, Pottstown, Pennsylvania 19464, US

    Services: Coatings

  • Vertex Optics, Inc

    Vertex Optics is a manufacturer of precision optics from prototypes to mid volume quantities for the medical, defense, semiconductor, and many other industries. Vertex Optics specializes in larger optics (150 MM to 500 MM) and works with a wide range of difficult shapes & materials. With decades of experience in optics fabrication, you can count on Vertex Optics to meet your precision optics needs, on time, and within budget requirements.

    90 Victor Heights Pkwy, Victor, New York 14564, US

    Services: Aspheres, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres

  • VisiMax

    VisiMax is a reliable source for Thin Film Coatings, especially Anti Reflection. ISO-9001 Certified / ITAR Registered.

    9177 Dutton Drive, Twinsburg, Ohio 44087, US

    Services: Coatings

  • Wire Saw Solutions Group LLC

    Wire Saw Solutions Group LLC is a US based supplier of diamond wire saws, diamond wire and consumables. We offer on-site repair, installation and engineering services for almost all Wire Saws and ID Saws. We have our own diamond wire slicing facility and offer contract slicing services. Our group consists of industry experts who have decades of experience slicing crystalline, ceramic, brittle and exotic materials. We understand the importance of cutting your valuable materials, accurately, efficiently and reliably.

    6460 Senate Drive, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18017, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • XONOX Technology Inc.

    XONOX is a leading manufacturer of optical metrology equipment, tools and software for optics manufacturing and testing. XONOX offers affordable high tech equipment and software with production-oriented functionality. Our ideas, our innovative strength as well as our practical approach represent the basis for the success of our customers.

    1387 Fairport Rd. Suite 810, Faiport, New York 14450, US

    Services: Equipment

  • Zygo Corp.

    Laurel Brook Rd, Middlefield, Connecticut 06455, US

    Services: Coatings, Equipment, Plano Optics, Spheres