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  • 3M

    Abrasives Supplier

    251-2A-03 3M Center, St. Paul, Minnesota 55144, US

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  • 4D Technology

    Designs and manufactures dynamic laser interferometers and optical profilers for measurement of optical-grade surfaces and systems. Applications include general optics, large astronomy optics, space-based telescopes, in-line production measurement, semiconductors, flat panel display metrology, image enhancement, and biological imaging.

    3280 E. Hemisphere Loop Suite 146, Tucson, Arizona 85706, US

    Services: Assemblies, Equipment, Suppliers

  • Advanced Glass Industries

    Manufacturer of molded and precision machined glass products. Services include precision custom molding, annealing, slumping, sawing, grinding, CNC machining, generating, edging, cutting and machining. Products include optical and filter glass, fused quartz, fused silica, industrial glass and exotic materials. Prototype to production quantities.

    1335 Emerson Street, PO Box 60467, Rochester, New York 14606, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Äpre Instruments

    Apre designs and manufactures high performance interferometers, upgrades interferometers, designs and develops OEM interferometer software and supplies custom interferometer systems.

    2440 West Ruthrauff Road, Suite 100, Tucson, Arizona 85705, US

    Services: Aspheres, Equipment, Suppliers

  • CDGM Glass USA

    CDGM Glass is the world’s largest producer of optical glass. With inventories in the United States, most orders can be expedited and are ready-to-ship quickly. Customers can expect high quality products, as CDGM quality control occurs on two fronts: post-production at the manufacturing plant, and again state-side, where every lot is inspection-tested. Requests for custom, application-specific glass are always welcome.

    85 Jetson Lane, Central Islip, New York, 11722, US

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  • Coherent

    Coherent specializes in the optical fabrication, metrology, and optical coating of reflective and refractive optics; and engages in the design, analysis, fabrication, assembly, alignment, and test of optical components, assemblies, and sub-assemblies.

    4040 Lakeside Drive, Richmond, California 94806, US

    Services: Aspheres, Coatings, Designers, Equipment, Plano Optics, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Cybele Enterprises LLC

    Cybele Enterprises produce our Valora products for Optics polishing, conventional, spherical and others. We produce slurries for Silicon, Gallium Arsenide, Germanium and other substrates.

    PO Box 2468, Scottsdale, Arizona 85252, US

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  • Displays & Optical Technologies

    Custom manufacturer of massive, lightweight optics. Precision slumping (bending), annealing, grinding and polishing. Prototype or production quantities. Commercial to research grade. Specialty coatings and mounting services. Specializes in customization of optics. MIL-SPEC quality.

    1105 Wonder St., Round Rock, Texas 78681, US

    Services: Coatings, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Dynasil Corporation

    Manufacturer and distributor of high-purity synthetic fused silica, including excimer grades, for optics, lasers, electronics, semiconductor and research applications. Fused quartz and ULE also available.

    385 Cooper Road, West Berlin, New Jersey 8091, US

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  • En Pointe Precision Inc

    Small, agile 5-axis CNC shop that can address custom prototypes to production quantities of precision metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, fused silica, and fused quartz parts supporting optical fabrication and assemblies. Metal/plastic 5-axis parts can be addressed in weeks and glass/ceramic 3-axis parts need to be scheduled at least a month in advance.

    1201 Old County Rd Ste 6, Belmont, California 94002, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Equipment, Spheres, Suppliers


    Since 1957, FISBA has been supplying our photonics customers the widest array of design and manufacturing capabilities in the industry. With more than 60 years of experience, our highly specialized teams meet the complex and regulated demands of the Life Science, Defense and Aerospace, Industrial Production and Materials Processing markets enabling the world's leading brands to fulfill their market potential. FISBA’s customer focused services range from ideation to device development support, engineering, supply chain optimization, to device assembly operations, all at our purpose-built facilities that support stringent market requirements and protect our customers’ intellectual property.

    6296 E Grant Rd Ste 150, Tucson, Arizona 85712-5876, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Global Superabrasives

    Global Superabrasives was founded in 2009, with the desire to bring forth today's technology in order to make U.S. manufacturers competitive in a global market. With 30 years vested in the Superabrasive industry, we bring together our collective knowledge of tool design, manufacturing techniques and user applications to provide solutions to your demanding applications. • Electroplated tooling • Metal bond core drills & generators • Resin bond wheels • Vitrified wheels and hones • Diamond slurries & paste • PCD, Natural and CVD turning tools

    1635 W University Dr Suite 125, Tempe, Arizona 85281, US

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  • Heraeus Quartz North America LLC

    Heraeus is a fused silica manufacturer for optical applications.

    100 Heraeus Blvd, Buford, Georgia 30518, US

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  • Meller Optics, Inc.

    Manufacturer of coated and uncoated lenses, optical windows, prisms, mirrors and electronic substrates for lasers and analytical instruments. Materials include sapphire, quartz, BK 7 and other common laser glasses, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, fluorides and ruby. Supplier of alumina powder and pitch.

    120 Corliss St. , PO Box 6001, Providence, Rhode Island 02940-2602, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Prisms, Suppliers

  • Metrology Concepts LLC

    Supplier of measurement solutions for surface and wavefront metrology. Core technologies include phase-shifting interferometry, wavefront sensing (Shack-Hartmann type), MTF, optical and mechanical profilometry. Standard and custom instrumentation offered, as well as support of existing metrology, training and measurement services.

    3495 Winton Place Bldg. E -Suite 120, Rochester, New York 14623, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Microdiamant USA, Inc.

    The company offers fine grinding, lapping and polishing solutions used in a variety of industries, among them the optics industry.

    1101 Mountain View Dr., Smithfield, Pennsylvania 15478, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • Navitar

    Navitar designs and manufactures unique lens systems and integrated camera and lens solutions. Our leading design team has cataloged thousands of base designs ranging from microscope objectives, custom cameras, and complete custom microscopy imaging systems. Navitar’s extensive background IP helps shorten design times and ensures diffraction limited performance. Navitar works with large established OEM life science and industrial equipment makers along with researchers and new start-up companies.

    200 Commerce Drive, Rochester, New York 14623, US

    Services: Assemblies, Designers, Suppliers

  • NGL America Inc.

    NGL America Inc. manufactures polishing discs with diameters from 1" - 59", cleaning chemicals for ultrasonic and spray cleaning, solutions for chemical decoating, and furniture care/chemical household products. NGL also provides cerium oxide powders and slurries, coated and bonded abrasive products, and various types of other loose abrasive powders as well as clean room garments and accessories.

    1090 Tower Lane, Bensenville, Illinois 60106, US

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  • Novotech, Inc.

    Novotech, Inc. specializes in manufacturing infrared optical components. Products offered include blanks, diamond turned optics, and coated optics. Novotech specializes in germanium, silicon, ZnS, CaF2, BaF2, and ZnSe.

    916 Main Street, Acton, Massachusetts 01720, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Plano Optics, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Ohara Corp.

    Manufactures precision optical glasses: strip/slab, cut/molded blanks, high homogeneity blanks, fine gobs, polished ball lenses, near-UV transmitting i-Line glass, ceramic substrates, CaF2, UV/IR materials, quartz, fused silica (standard/excimer grade). Ohara CCZ ultralow expansion (excellent CTE uniformity, blank form, to 1.8m diam.) Double-side polished substrates (low surface roughness, excellent flatness).

    50 Columbia Road, Branchburg Township, Somerville, New Jersey 08876-3519, US

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  • OptoTech Optical Machinery Inc.

    Designs, develops and manufactures machinery and new process technology for precision optics and ophthalmics. CNC and conventional high-speed generators/polishers (1 to 2000 mm diam), 5-axis processing centers, centering/edging, plano/prism, rod, cylinder, aspheric machines, interferometers, autocollimators and software. In-house tool design and manufacture. Consumables, parts, repairs and maintenance contracts.

    PO Box 131, East Greenville, Pennsylvania 18041, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Paramount Glassworks, LLC

    Paramount Glassworks supplies precision machined blanks using Optical Glasses, Fused Silica, Filter materials and Industrial glasses among other materials across the Ultraviolet, Visible and IR spectrums.

    6 Highland Drive, Putnam, Connecticut 06260, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • Photonic Cleaning Technologies, LLC

    Manufacturer of First Contact Polymer, used to protect and clean surfaces to the molecular level

    1895 Short Lane, Platteville, Wisconsin 53818, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • PR Hoffman Machine Products

    Manufacturer of 4-, 3- and 2-way double-sided lapping and polishing equipment. Lapping carriers available for all models of planetary machines. Specializes in insert carriers, single-sided, specialty carriers for any application. Waxless mount single-side polishing templates.

    453 Lincoln St., Carlisle, Pennsylvania 17013, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Pureon

    Pureon manufactures and distributes products for slicing, grinding, lapping and polishing of critical surfaces, to a global marketplace. We provide our customers with insight, counsel and integrated solutions with a high level of personal interaction. We aim to be a long term partner for each of our customers, committed to their success and meeting their needs through continuous improvement of our products and processes and innovative technology solutions.

    7272 E. Indian School Road, Suite 350, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • QED Optics

    QED Optics provides optical manufacturing services including grinding, polishing, and metrology for a wide variety of mirrors, lenses and windows from 10mm to 1m in diameter. QED Optics specializes in on and off axis aspheres, phase correctors and other high precision components requiring optical engineering support.

    1040 University Ave., Rochester, New York 14607, US

    Services: Aspheres, Equipment, Spheres, Suppliers

  • R. Mathews Optical Works Inc.

    Manufacturer of custom precision aspheric and acylinder lenses. Volume aspheric lens production capabilities from 10- to 250-mm diameter from standard and high-index glasses. Specialty precision optical prototypes and unusual designs from all optical materials are available.

    26280 Twelve Trees Lane Suite A, Poulsbo, Washington 98370, US

    Services: Aspheres, Designers, Suppliers

  • Ray Williamson Consulting

    Offers outsource expertise and liaison services. Specializes in optical fabrication, testing and assembly, polarization optics, process troubleshooting, quality and process documentation, and technician training.

    4984 Wellbrook Drive, New Port Richey, Florida 34653-5611, US

    Services: Suppliers

  • Reynard Corporation

    Manufacturer of  custom optics and thin-film coatings 0.2 µm to 50 µm (UV-IR) to demanding specs for defense & aerospace, commercial & industrial and medical applications. Other in-house capabilities include diamond turning, optical fabrication, photolithographic patterning & environmental testing.  Prototype to production, ISO 9001:2015 Certified, ITAR Registered and Cybersecurity Compliant. We look forward to working with you in Perfecting Your Light™.

    1020 Calle Sombra, San Clemente, California 92673, US

    Services: Aspheres, Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Micro Optics, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Salvo Technologies

    Manufacture and design of coatings, electronics, electro optics, optical assemblies, and personal protective equipment for the defense industry.

    10781 75th Street, Largo, Florida 33777, US

    Services: Assemblies, Coatings, Designers, Equipment, Plano Optics, Prisms, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Satisloh North America, Inc.

    Satisloh offers machinery and suitable process equipment for the complete production process of any kind of precision optics components. We offer machines for grinding, polishing, centering and thin-film coatings, as well as equipment and concepts for automating the manufacturing process. Our portfolio, completed by suitable software solutions, tools, consumables, and services, enables us to satisfy customer-specific needs in the optical industry.

    N116W18111 Morse Dr., Germantown, Wisconsin 53022, US

    Services: Aspheres, Coatings, Equipment, Micro Optics, Prisms, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Schneider Optical Machines Inc.

    Designs and manufactures precision CNC equipment for optics fabrication and testing. Provides complete solutions for generating, polishing, centering, edging, diamond turning, and measuring of freeform, aspheric, spherical, Plano and other optics. Offers training, service, applications support, and custom tooling for optimizing machine use and production.

    5916 Stone Creek Drive, Suite 120, The Colony, Texas 75056, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Schott North America, Inc.

    SCHOTT Advanced Optics develops products and customized solutions for applications in optics, lithography, astronomy, optoelectronics, life sciences, and research. We also offer a portfolio of more than 120 optical glasses, special materials and components, from customized glass development to high-precision optical product finishing and metrology.

    400 York Ave., Duryea, Pennsylvania 18642, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Suppliers

  • Spartan Felt Co.

    Manufacturer of polishing bobs, wheels and pads for flat glass, crystal, precision optics, plastic and metal industries. Pads up to 60-in. diameter for stock removal applications.

    151 Felt Drive, Roebuck, South Carolina 29376, US

    Services: Equipment, Prisms, Suppliers

  • United Lens Company

    A vertically integrated manufacturer of custom optical components specializing in thin-film coatings, precision machined and polished optical elements. ULC is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered and features state-of-the-art metrology. Our commitment to quality provides you the one-stop solution for UV-Mid IR optical component requirements.

    250 Worcester St., Southbridge, Massachusetts 01550-1325, US

    Services: Coatings, Plano Optics, Spheres, Suppliers

  • Universal Photonics

    Lapping and polishing consumables/machinery for glass, plastic, crystals, infrared, semiconductor, electro, laser and fiber optics. Microcellular foam elastomer pads, polishing compounds, ultrapure alumina, colloidal silica, diamond powders/compounds, and water-based, nano-sized, alpha-alumina, diamond slurries; precision optical and synthetic pitch.

    85 Jetson Lane, Central Islip, New York, 11722, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers

  • Valiant International, Inc.

    Valiant is a supplier of fused quartz and fused silica materials for optical applications.

    101 E Mill Street, Suite E, Quakertown, Pennsylvania 18951, US

    Services: Plano Optics, Suppliers

  • Wire Saw Solutions Group LLC

    Wire Saw Solutions Group LLC is a US based supplier of diamond wire saws, diamond wire and consumables. We offer on-site repair, installation and engineering services for almost all Wire Saws and ID Saws. We have our own diamond wire slicing facility and offer contract slicing services. Our group consists of industry experts who have decades of experience slicing crystalline, ceramic, brittle and exotic materials. We understand the importance of cutting your valuable materials, accurately, efficiently and reliably.

    6460 Senate Drive, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18017, US

    Services: Equipment, Suppliers