Growth continues as Esco Optics opens a Rochester, NY office

ESCO Optics

Optical component manufacturer, Esco Optics, is pleased to announce an expanded presence within the industry by adding a new office, as well as new key personnel.

Esco Optics will have a new, fully staffed office in Rochester, NY. This new venture is now referenced colloquially as Esco North and will allow Esco to grow their relationships and service current customers in the hub of optics. “This is exciting for everyone involved. As a top optics provider, this office gives us a stronger footprint within the fabric of Rochester,” says Ron Schulmerich, Business Development Manager.

It allows us to continue to foster great experiences with our customers and opens a more formal presence in the area.”

Along with the new office space are key additions to the Esco North team. Michael Vergo joined the ranks in Sales and Business Development in May of this year. Vergo has spent many years within the industry and has built long-lasting relationships. His outgoing attitude is infectious to all that come in contact with him, and his knowledge in optics makes him a true contender.

Enhancing the sales process is another industry standout, Joelle Brunetto. Brunetto joins the team as Esco’s Sales Operations Manager. She was first in her class in the School of Business at St. Bonaventure University and has a strong background in finance, with both sales and vendor related support. She joins Esco having previously worked at Innex Innovative Industries and IDEX corporation, both located in Rochester.

After recently completing a new manufacturing facility in Oak Ridge, NJ, Esco Optics continues to grow and build momentum. “We have over 60 years of optical heritage and we’re now positioned to grow our company and better serve our customers,” says Lee Steneken, President. “It is with great pride that we are able to launch Esco North. This expansion is all due in part by our team in Oak Ridge, NJ. We are a family that has stuck together because we love what we do. Our manufacturing capabilities continue to thrive in our new headquarters, and the addition of Esco North will be a vital component of our expanded service to all current and future customers, especially within the Rochester area.”

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About Esco Optics
Esco Optics is an ITAR registered and compliant optical component manufacturer that has bee producing optics in the U.S. for over 60 years. With veteran opticians and engineers using state-of-the-art technology, Esco supplies custom and catalog optics that are used in UV, Visible, and IR applications throughout various industries including defense, aerospace, biomedical, automotive, and photonics.

Esco works with customers on single one-of-a-kind parts, high volume orders, or through a wide range of catalog optics available through their website. Esco employs the latest techniques and modern equipment to minimize waste and optimize delivery times. These savings are passed on to the customer by providing the highest quality products at the most economical pricing.

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