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IRD Glass (IRD) has announced its ability to deliver production quantities of custom precision homogenizers using its latest manufacturing processes and equipment. These developments and the resulting quality of IRD manufactured homogenizers are explained in its newly published white paper titled “Custom Optical Homogenizers Competitive with Stock Components? Not a Light-Pipe Dream”.

The announcement follows the successful delivery of octagonal-shaped homogenizers with near-zero chips in surfaces and edges in one of the most brittle glasses to a major European laser manufacturer.

Homogenizers are optical waveguides designed to combine and integrate one or more sources of light, including lasers. They accomplish this using total internal reflection to transform a non-uniform source or multiple sources into one with the uniform output throughout its cross-section. Minimizing chips on edges and surfaces is critical for homogenizers used in high power laser and other applications that require the most uniform light output.

For well over a decade, IRD has produced high-end homogenizers in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and volumes for the most demanding applications across various industries.

“In producing homogenizers for this demanding, quality-conscious laser manufacturer, we have honed our ability to consistently produce the highest quality homogenizers” stated Todd Anderson, IRD’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The recently published white paper provides additional information about the applications and results achieved by IRD.

Download the white paper at no cost or obligation at

About IRD Glass

IRD Glass is a privately held Minnesota (USA) based company that specializes in the manufacture of custom precision optics and ceramic components. The company’s 75 employees proudly serve some of the most demanding global customers including Honeywell, TDK, Rockwell Collins, 3M, CyberOptics, Trumpf, Alcon, L3, and Agilent.

IRD is veteran-owned, ITAR and ISO 9001:2015 registered and AS9100 compliant.

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